Our system is about the digestive system. It is important to the human body because the digestive system helps seperate the food you swallow in to two parts. What we will be learning in the digestive system is the Magor organs, system function, disorders and desieses,and staying helthy. The digestive system is located in the upper halp of the human body.

Major Organs

Our system is the digestisve system. Our system works like this. First the food is breaken down in your mouth by your teeth. Your saliva gets mixed in with your food. Next the food goes down your epophagus and your food is mixed woth even more saliva and made into a liquid. Then your food goes to your stomach. The stomach seperates the food so the nutrients go to your cells and the bad things go to your small intestant.

System Function

Since the digestive system breaks down your food now the nutrients in your food has to get to your cells. The cuculatory system brings the nutrients to your cells sos your body can function like it's supposed to.

Disorders and Diseases

GERD reflux is a desiese that forms when your chewed up food tries to pass through your sphincter. Your sphincter is like a gate that connects to your epophagus and your stomach.The gate opens and closes when chewed food tries to pass through your esophagus to your stomach. If your sphindter opens or closes at the wrong time then that is a GERD reflux some times you dont even feel the GERD reflex happening in your body.

Staying Helthy

When you eat things that are high in fat thoes foods might slow down your digestive systems function. Always get a flu shot or a shot every once a year to see if you are sick or have a disese. Eat healthy foods like fruits and vegitibles so the nutrients in your food can go through the curculatory system to egt to your cells.

Other Information

Did you know in 2 years of age your babay teeth start to grow. 20 teeth will apear in your mouth. At 6 years of age your teeth will fall out and your adult teeth will grow where your babay teeth fell out. When you are 20 years old all of your 32 teeth have grown in.