Today we will be teaching you about the digestive system.
The major funtion of the digestive system is a solid waste disposal.
It is located in your esophagous that travels all the way to your rectum.
When it reaches to the rectum it stops and goes out you ainus.

Major Organs

mouth : A place where you chew food
saliva : A type of liquid that is very germy
esophagus : Helps chewed up food go down to your stomach
stomach : A type of storage that carries waste disposal
small intestine : A place where red blood cells pick up food for cells
large intestine : A type of organ that turns dried food into liquid
colon : A very important organ to help your large intestine
rectum : It forms the shape of your waste disposal
ainus : A organ to get rid of waste from your body

System Funtions

Digestive System Diagram
Digestive System Diagram

The digestive system starts itself at the esophagous. The esouphagous helps you make the chewed up food go down to the stomach. Then when the chewed up food reaches the stomach, The chewed up food goes to the small intestine then the red blood cells sucks the nutrients out of the small intestine.Then it goes to the large intestine, to the rectum where it shapes the type of solid then goes out your ainus.

Disorders & Diseases

1. The first disease is called the Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease.It causes very dangerous weakness for your esouphagous and your stomach. It might cause acid to your reflux.
2. The second disease is called Juandice. It may make you yellow and have white eyes causing to drain your liver to your intestine, then it breaks down your red blood cells.

Staying Healthy

To eat healthy you have to stop skipping meals and dont eat your foods too quick.And to stay very healthy you should try to eat a maxium amount of veggies or fruits you can everyday.Do not eat a lot of protien that much or you wont be feel heathy and it will cause you to have many diseases.

Other Interesting Information

Some other interesting info is...
1.The liver makes some liquid that gets stored in the gullbladder.
2.The stomach digests by melting the food using acid.
3.The job of the small intestine is to suck nutrients out of food.