Your circulatory system is located throughout your body.

Major organs-

The major organs are arteries, viens, blood, and the heart.

Circulatory System Illustration Diagram
Circulatory System Illustration Diagram

Heart: pumps blood to your cells so that it can deliver food, water, oxygen, and takes away waste.
Blood: takes food, water, and oxygen to your cells while taking away waste.
Viens: carries blood to your heart.
Arteries: carries blood away from the heart.

System functions-

The circulatory system relates to the respiratory system because the blood (from the circulatory system) will go to the lungs to pick up oxygen (respriartory system).
The circulatory system also relates to the digestive system because the blood will pass through the small intestine (in the digestive system) to pick
up food which it later delivers to the cells in your body.


A disaese called Agina, which is caused by lac of blood or oxygen or bothAngina usually is a symptom of coronary heart disease (CHD). This means that the underlying causes of angina generally are the same as the underlying causes of CHD.
This is a warning sign of a heart attact. If you would like to stop having theese pains then just make some lifestyle changes like if you smoke stop smoking or just avoid eating large meals.
Another disease called pulmanary embplism is caused by blockage of a branch of the pulmanary artery by the blood clot.
The first thing you should do if you have both of theese is to immedietly call 911 and get to the hospital.

Staying healthy-

A great way to stay healthy is to exercise-sports or just walking around everyday-and eating right(such as fruits and vegetables)

Other interesting info-

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