• Introduction

Our sytem is the circulatory sytem. It is important to the body because it helps pump blood through the body.it's located at the top at the body. the job of the circlatory stytem is to pump blood to bring resources to the body like oxygen,and nutrition of food you eat and it takes away things too like waste, and carob dioxide.

major organs

Your heart pumps the blood,arteries take blood away from the heart with oxygen,veins take blood that has no oygen.
File:Diagram of the human heart (cropped).svg
File:Diagram of the human heart (cropped).svg

system functions

your heart pumps the blood. The right side has blood with no oxygen.This blood goes to your lungs to get more of oxygen.
The left side has oxygen this blood is sent to the body to give oxygen,water,food,and take away waste. The digistive styem links to the circalatory system because when the left side of the heart sends blood to your body it sends it to the small intestine where it picks up food to bring to the body.

staying healthy

To keep your circulatory system up and running smoothly you have to get alot of exercise like jogging. your heart is a musle so you have to keep it strong. you have to also eat the right food that keeps your body healthy. fruit and vegtebles make your heart strong. if you eat candy all the time your blood vessels will get clogged. that can lead to serious damage.


Hypertension is a disease that makes you have high blood pressure that cuases damage to the heart and blood vessells increasing risk of heart attack and other heart diseases.so not staying healthy is not an option.Arrhythmia is a disorder not a disease.If you have arrhythmia one major sympton is wierd heart rythm. it can be slower or faster. in alot of cases it can be from a heart defecet.

other interesing information

Your size of your fist is almost the size of your heart.
http://teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=196915 :circulaotry sytem rap.
All of your organs and mucles are benificiaries becuase of your ciculatory system.
Your artaries and viens are connected.