This organ system is the Digestive Sytem, Your digestive system has some parts in your head , but most parts are in your stomach area.

Magor Organs


Mouth: breaks down food in to a wad
Throat: Passage way for the food to travel through
Esophagus: a tube that connects your mouth to your stomach
Stomach: breaks down chewed food into runny liquid
Small Intestine: Changes food into nutrients
Large Intestine:

System Functions

The Digestive System works with the Circulatory System.
Withought the Circulatory system( the blood, veins, arteries, and heart) the cells wouldn't get the nutrients
they needed and would die of starvation and lack of nutrients.

Disorders & Diseases

Bloating- Bloating can be caused by to much water opr food. Symptoms are, tight abdomen or discomfort.
Bloating can be treated with over the counter medicines.
tlymmphocytes-extreme bloating and gassyness. tlymmphocytes can be treated
with medicines.

Staying Healthy

People could eat the right foods, such as fruit and veggies.
You could also excersice and that would help the blood circulate
thorugh your body.

Other Interesting information

Barf- Vomit is food mixed with stomach juices. Usually your food goes down your throat and into your stomach but when your feeling sick your stomach muscles push your food back up.This action helps your body get rid of watever is making you feel yucky.

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Digestive Sytem

  • The stomach has three jobs . First, it stores the swallowed food and liquid. The muscle of the upper part of the stomach relaxes to accept large amounts of swallowed food. The second job is to mix up the food, liquid, and digestive juice produced by the stomach. The lower part of the stomach mixes these foods by its muscle action. The third job of the stomach is to empty its contents slowly into the small intestine.
  • The stomach can expand. So the saying that your fist is as big as your stomach isn't always true. Because your stomach can expand to hold more food

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