Digestive System

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The name of our organ system is The Digestive System.

Major Organs

The digestive system starts into the mouth through the Abdomen inside of your small intestine and then inside the large intestine and then in the anus. The main parts of the digestive system are the mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and large intestine

System Functions

The digestive system starts at the mouth- the food is chopped down partly by the process of chewing. Esophagus- after being chewed and swallowed, the food comes into the esophagus, the esophagus is a long tube that runs from the mouth to the stomach, and it forces food from the throat to the stomach. Stomach- the stomach is a big sack-like organ that boils the food and bathes it in a very strong acid (gastric acid). Food in the stomach that is partly digested and mixed with stomach acids is called chyme. Small intestine- after being in the stomach, food enters the duodenum, the first of the small intestine and then it enters the jejunum and then the illeum ( the final part of the small intestine). In the small intestine, bile, pancreatic enzymes, and other digestive enzymes produced by the inner wall of the small intestine help in the breakdown of food.Large intestine- After passing through the small intestine, the food passes into the large intestine. In the large intestine, some of the water and electrolytes( chemicals like sodium) are removed from food. The first part of the large intestine is called the cecum and then food travels upward in the ascending colon. The food travels across the abdomen in the transverse colon, goes back down the other side of the body in the descending colon, and then through the sigmoid colon. The Digestive System shares the same major organ as the Respiratory System. The major organ is the mouth. After the whole digestive process is over the excretory system takes over.


Heartburn- painful burning in your heart or chest. It happens when acid from your stomach backs up into your esophagus the acid goes through your esophagus because food goes from your mouth to your stomach. The treament for a heartburn is over-the- counter- medicine. If the heartburn continues you may need surgery.
Indigestion- burning feeling in your upper abdomen. You can have heart burn and feel bloated, you can also feel nauseated , or even throw up.
You might get indigestion from eating to much food or eating too fast, eating high fat foods, or eating when stressed.

Stay Healthy

1. Stay hydrated
2. Eat the right amount of fiber, fruits, vegetables, and grains
3. Work out to stay in shape
4. Do not eat a lot of junk food
5. Do not chew your food fast because the faster you chew the more food you do not eat

Other Interesting Information



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Hydrate-a chemical compound containing water that is chemically combined with a substance and can usually be expelled without changing the constitution of the substance.
Duodenum- the first portion of the small intestine, from the stomach to the jejunum.
Bloated- to expand or aistend,as with air,water, etc; cause to swell: overeating bloated their bellies.
Digest- to break down.