The digestive system is the system that breaks up your food.
Into that the blood carries to the cells for the cells to eat.
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Major organs

The Major Organs in your Digestive system are Esophogus, Saliva, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Teeth, Colon.

System Functions

When you eat your Digestive System breaks up the food. Then you blood (Circulatory System) Comes and picks up the food that was broken down. Finally your blood gives the food to you cells.

Disorders& Diseases

One of the Disorders & Diseases are Ulcer. It is a germ or sore that forms in your stomach or smalll intestine. At first doctors belived that it was formed by spicy foods. But it was formed by a type of bacteria. Doctors treaeted Uclers with antibiotics.


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