Digestive System is located in various places.
It is located in your mouth and your stomach.
It is used to get rid of solid waste and also gets food for cells.

Major Organs


The mouth uses the teeth to mash the food into a bolus (a wad of chewed food), then it uses saliva to start a chemical breakdown.
The esophagus is a tunnel to the stomach.
The stomach breaks down food into runny liquid.
The small intestine changes food into nutrients
The large intestine and colon take the water out of the food mass.

System Functions

Disorders and Diseses

One disese is called undernutrition. Undernutrition is an ill caused by dieting way to long. your body loses
energy to protect itself from harm.
A second disese is a tape worm. A tape worm lives on the wall of your small intestine feeding on your nutrients for cells.
TSome times, there are no symptoms so it comes unexpected. but you can have diarria
external image 250px-Taenia_saginata_adult_5260_lores.jpg (beef tapeworm)
Colorectal cancer is when your cells in your colon and rectum are growing uncontrolled.
external image 230px-Stomach_colon_rectum_diagram.svg.png(colorectal cancer)

Staying Healthy

To stay heath from tapewormes, dont eat raw meat.
To make sure that your body dousn't loose nutrients to keep it going strong, keep a balanced diet by
eating meat, fruits, vegtables

and dairy. Another way to stay healthy is to drink clean filtered water with no
disease in it like malaria. One thing that also comes a part with staying healthy is getting help when needed.
when you are sick, get antibiotics. Another way to stay healthy is to prevent obesity so you can live a healthy life.

Other Interesting Information

Your intestine can grow up to 22 to 25 feet!
Your saliva glands produce up to 1.7 liters a day!
An adult stomach can digest about 1 liter of food!


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