Digestive System


Digestive system. We are here to tell you how the Digestive system works .Teeth can mash down the food so the tongue and the saliva help swallow the food correctly, without the digestive system it you will not be able to swallow food or to use the bathroom. Then the throat carries the food into stomach. Then it goes through the small intestine and only food that can’t digest goes to the large intestine in the small intestine there is villi that collect nutrients helps carry food through the intestine. Villi capillary, lacteal.

Major Organs


System Functions

Mouth-The teeth mashes the food down and the saliva help so it can be swallow.
Throat-The throat helps swallow the food with the saliva.
Esophagus-The Esophagus is a cored to your stomach that food goes down to be digested.
Stomach- The Stomach is a large sack that has acid in it for food to digest.
Small Intestine-It is made of three organs and the food goes through the small tube.
Large Intestine-Large intestine when nutriueints go in.

Disorders and Diseases

Disorders of digestive system are hurtburn, GERB, IBD and IBS these diseases can cause symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, and stomach cramps. Causes stresses of all kinds physical, emotional and mental are primary causes of poor digestion. All unconscius activity in the human body.

Intereactions with Other Systems

the circulatory system has to do with the mouth and it the enters through the mouth then it goes through the esoghagus then it drops down to the stomach the the expitory system helps the food exit the body.

Staying Healthy

Things to stay healthy chew before swallowing. Relax before eating. Walk after eating. Drink in between meals. Limit condiments in spices. Enemies of Digestive system are tobacco, alcohol, Antacids and swallowing gum. Certain food cause more in allergic reaction or sensitivity then others these are peanunts eggs and corn.

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