The arteries move blood away from your heart mean while you viens carry blood to your heart.this is what a blood cell looks like in a vein or arteries:external image image.jpg3-11-13
and it travels in the body like this here diagram below.
Circulatory System Illustration Diagram
Circulatory System Illustration Diagram

Major Organs

Heart-It is a muscular pump that pumps blood to your whole body to keep it alive. It is the only muscle in the body that can pump blood.
Blood-it brings food, water and oxygen to cells.Takes away waste.
Arteries-carrys blood away from your heart.
Veins-carry bood to your heart.

System Functions

The circulatory system takes nutrition from the digestive system and respatory and delivers it to the cells. It gets things like ,air from the respatory system and food from the digestive that you can breath and eat.

Disorders & Disorders

1. Deep vein thrombosis-is a blood clot in a deep vein uasully forms in the thigh or calf.

Staying Healthy

To keep the circulatory system healthy you have to exersize 30 minutes a day.most of the week is sugested.It will help manage your heart and wifght.

Other Interesting information