circulatory system


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Major Organs

Lungs-When we breath in our lungs take in oxegon
Blood Vessels-Tubes that carry blood through the body

System Functions

Some major funtions of the organ system
are to carry oxegon and nutrients to all of the cells and tissue in
the body

Disorders / Diseases

Angina is often considered as a warning sign of an impending heart attack. So, it should be brought to the doctor's attention as quick as possible. Angina, is characterized by severe and recurrent chest discomfort and pain, is caused due to lack of blood supply and/or oxygen supply in the muscles of the heart. Basically, it is manifested as a complication caused by constriction of the blood vessels
In most cases, it is found to be a congenital problem and results from a heart defect. The major symptom of cardiac arrhythmia is irregular heart rhythm, in which the heart beats abnormally, either at a slower rate or faster rate. Based on the severity of arrhythmia, medication, surgical procedure, and implanting pacemakers are adopted in order to regulate heart rhythm.
Atherosclerosis is a blood circulation problem, resulting from accumulation of fatty deposits in the walls of the blood vessels, especially arteries. Over a period of time, the arterial walls harden and lose their elasticity. Complication of atherosclerosis includes cardiovascular disease and heart attack. In other words, arteries are primarily affected by atherosclerosis.

Staying Healthy

Other Interesting Information

blood cells.jpg
There shape is made to carry oxegeon. Its shape helps it not get stuck in capallaries.


diagram of circulatory system

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